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A collaboration with Joshua DeMonte
Flock Tower
Wood, Nylon, Gypsum, Steel

This neckpiece is a collaboration with Joshua DeMonte of Towson University in Maryland. As two jewelry artists with a shared history of abstracting representational forms using 3D modeling and 3D printing, Flock Tower combines Joshua DeMonte's architectural style with my illustrative animals to create a dramatic composition. Two towers sweep around the neck, their foundations of brick and mortar transforming into a flock of crows that surround the wearer. During the creation Flock Tower, we took advantage of the ability to exchange digital files through email in order to complete this long-distant collaboration.

Flock Tower originally debuted during SNAG's 2016 Exhibition in Motion in Asheville, NC followed by an appearance in the invitational Pop-Up Exhibition:“House, Home and the Objects Within” in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2017, it was featured in R|R Gallery's exhibition Meta-Smith: New Trends in 3D Printed Jewelry in New York City.

​Emily Cobb & Joshua DeMonte
PLA, gypsum, epoxy resin, 33% glass-filled polyamide, leather, steel